What are we all running after?

We are living in an era where people tend to run after everything – after time, money, love, friendships, memories, their life, drifting away. Life is like a river meandering through terrain that is rough in certain areas, smooth in others. Instead of letting ourselves be carried by the river, we tire ourselves out by paddling upstream. We worry about tomorrow and regret what happened yesterday. We run around all day long, without pausing to catch our breath. That’s why we feel that life is hard, that we have to struggle.

The river, just like life, is at times calm, other times rough. If you let your boat float, you’ll move forward pretty effortlessly; you’ll only have to avoid reefs as they appear and steer your boat skillfully when the current is strong. Worrying about what could show up further ahead would be a waste of your time and energy, and you wouldn’t be present enough to enjoy the journey.

You have everything you need: a boat and the current. All you have to do is trust the current (Life) and take care of your boat (yourself). When you see an obstacle, you simply go around it – one obstacle at a time. The journey then becomes an adventure where you encounter calm waters, rough waters, stumbling blocks, and breathtaking views. And you reach the harbour (the end of your life) happy to have enjoyed the journey and discovered new horizons. You don’t have any regrets about missing out on this great adventure that is life.

Sylvie Grégoire