To Each his Own

Why do we want to be right? Why convince other people that our political party, our religion, our way of doing things, our favorite singer in The Voice, our _________ is the best one? Where does this need to impose on others our way of seeing things, our preferences, and our ideals?

I find this behaviour more and more intriguing. You’ve heard the expression “To each his own”. I think everybody agrees on that. Why, for example, should everyone like blue? If all of nature was blue, it would make a pretty dull picture, wouldn’t it? It’s the myriad of colors in nature that make it beautiful.

When I hear people trying to convince others that they are right on a particular topic, I find it’s like they’re trying to convince others that their favorite color is the best one. It’s futile. To each his own. Each person is unique. Have you ever sat on a bench and watched people go by? No one person on the planet is identical. Each has their own personality, preferences, values, habits, way of dressing, walking, talking, thinking, loving. In my opinion, that’s what makes the population beautiful and interesting.

Why not let everyone be who they want to be and like what they want to like? It doesn’t take anything away from us.

– I like turquoise. How about you?
– I love green!
– OK.

– Sylvie Grégoire