Your body is the communication tool your soul uses to speak to your conscious mind. When something needs to change in an area or multiple areas of your life, your body communicates through sensations like tightness, soreness, pain and – as a last attempt to get through to you – what we’ve labelled “disease”.

We’re often not aware of the first warnings (sensations) because we’re so out of touch with our body. And if we do notice them, we quickly suppress them with medication.

That’s when the body uses a “disease” to really get us to listen. But most of us miss this opportunity to stop and look at what needs our attention, meaning what changes we need to make in our lives, what’s poisoning our life. We outsource to specialists, then receive medication, passive treatments, etc., all of which suppress the symptoms of the “disease”.

What’s poisoning your life?

Are there toxic relationships you need to let go of? Do you over-give or people-please and neglect your own needs and well-being? Do you work at a job you hate? Do you spend your days and evenings indoors? Do you eat on the run? Do you ignore your body’s need for movement? Do you live in constant fear or stress? Do you have stories that make you feel powerless? Are your beliefs empowering or disempowering?

Examine every aspect of your life. Identify the “poison” and replace it with love, joy, passion, a sense of purpose, self-care, nourishing relationships, outdoor physical activities you truly enjoy, nature, dancing, laughing, beauty – anything that feeds your body, heart and soul, and makes you feel stronger, deeply alive and joyful.

Remember, your body holds the wisdom of your soul.

Listen to it. You’ll discover your magnificence and the beauty of life as it was meant to be lived.

Sylvie Grégoire