One-on-One Coaching


Transform your life and achieve optimum well-being on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and relational.



Whatever the area in which you’re having problems – physical, mental, relational or emotional – I’ll help you :

  • find the cause of these problems in order to overcome them;
  • discover the great power within your grasp to ensure your happiness, freedom, health and well-being;
  • discover your magnificence, gifts and talents;
  • empower yourself so you can transform your life and I’ll give you practical tools to do so.

It’s a great honor for me to be able to guide you on your journey and help you create the life you deserve.


Here’s what one of my clients said about her One-on-One Coaching sessions with me:

Sylvie came into my life in a blessed way at a time of intense transition.  I wasn’t certain that I needed a coach, but as I relaxed each week into telling her of my current status with regard to job changes and health challenges, and as I benefited greatly from the strategies she taught, I quickly realized that indeed I did need a coach and Sylvie was the ideal coach for me at this time.  I am a very spiritual person, well-read in many spiritual teachers’ works, and very aware of the features of a balanced, healthy life.  However, I was struggling with implementation of my beliefs, or with how to enact them in times of challenge or turmoil.  Sylvie has expert ability to guide a client through not only meditations that lead to crucial insights, but very practical techniques that create clarity, relieve stress, call one into ‘higher self’ thought and behavior, and in many ways make the spiritual real in one’s life.  Sylvie is personally gentle, a compassionate listener, and a bright voice of optimism.  Each of my sessions was rich and worthwhile, and I recommend Sylvie’s coaching with no reservations and much enthusiasm!

Chara, Pennsylvania, United States


Book a session: 60 minutes at $150 CAD (coaching in person, Messenger video or over the phone)

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