It’s Your Show

Life is a bit like a movie. You are the star, people are the cast and the extras, your environment is the setting, and the Divine (God, the Universe, Spirit) is the producer who watches over you, just like in the movie “The Truman Show”. In this movie, the script changes according to Jim Carrey’s impulses. Each decision he makes changes how the scene plays out. It’s also what happens in each of our lives: we shape our future every day with our decisions, actions and thoughts. Basically, the situation we’re in today is the culmination of all the choices and decisions we’ve made up to now.

While you have free will and your choices can create the life you want, this greater force – the Divine – is guiding your every step, watching over you. So don’t worry so much. Let go of your need to control everything in your life. When you go with the flow, you move easily through obstacles. You know you’re being watched over. You know everything will be okay.

Life is happening for you, not to you. It’s your show. You’re the star. So enjoy it!

Sylvie Grégoire