You are not your thoughts nor your feelings

It’s the ego who identifies with thoughts and feelings. But you are not your ego. The real You is the one who is observing the thoughts and feelings going through your mind and body. The real You is an eternal spiritual being having a physical experience.

Once you embody this knowing, you can truly live fearlessly. You know that your spirit, your soul, is eternal, indestructible.

But that’s not what society teaches us. As we grow up, we learn self-doubt, fear, shame, guilt, blame, judgement, competition – which are all based on fear. We learn to live as the ego, whose job is to protect us from physical harm. For the ego, anything unfamiliar or different is dangerous. It will interpret any unknown situation or person as dangerous.

If you only listen to your ego, facing new situations or meeting new people will make you feel anxious or afraid. A life of fear is not what we were meant to have.

We were meant to develop our full potential, to discover, to explore, to thrive, to experience all of life, fearlessly.

To do that, you have to listen to your heart instead of your ego. The heart is courageous, it knows no fear. Did you know the word “courage” is derived from the French word “cœur”, which means “heart”?

Your heart is the portal to your soul, your spirit. When you feel anxious, afraid, shame, guilt, etc., remember that’s your ego. That is not the real You. Simply breathe in and out slowly and let the emotions and thoughts pass through your body. It’s very important to breathe consciously to let the emotions and thoughts flow out of your body.

The breath connects you to your heart, therefore to your soul, your spirit, who is eternal, indestructible.

Remember that.

Discover, explore, and experience all of life. Fearlessly.

Sylvie Grégoire