When someone judges you

When someone judges you, it’s not because they feel superior. It might feel and look like that to you, but it’s not. Judgement is based on lack, and lack is based on fear.

Next time someone judges you, remember this. They are afraid of something. It’s about their lack, their fear.

And, next time you judge someone, remember it’s about something that You fear. What fear comes up in you when you’re in this person’s presence?

Look inward. All the answers are inside you. But you have to be willing to look and not turn away because it’s uncomfortable.

You have to be willing to be brutally honest with yourself if you want to experience the fullness of what this life has to offer – the magic, the joy, the excitement, the wonder, the pure pleasure of being alive. All of it is available to you, but you have to choose to look inside to see what’s standing in your way.


– Sylvie Grégoire