What we learn as we grow up that create suffering

As we grow up, we learn many things that we need to UNLEARN or stop doing in order to be our true selves and thrive.
For example:

• Competition
• Comparison
• Fear of people and things that are different or unfamiliar
• Self-doubt
• Insecurity
• People pleasing
• Judging
• Criticizing
• Self-loathing
• Unworthiness
• Control
• Creating drama
• Lying
• Hypocrisy
• Negativity
• Living through someone (a parent who lives through his child, for example)
• Bullying
• Racism
• Sexism
• Prejudice
• Attachment to socioeconomic status
• Distrust in the body’s natural power to self heal
• Doubting our intuition

It’s a long list, I know. No wonder we’re struggling!

Start with one thing on this list. And each time you catch yourself having this behaviour or feeling:

1. Take deep, slow breaths.
2. Ask yourself what triggered it.
3. Recognize the pattern (every time you react this way to a situation or to someone).
4. Question the benefit of this behaviour or pattern (does it feel expansive or restrictive?).
5. If it’s not expansive, let it go. The more you practise letting go, the easier it’ll become.

Deep down, there’s only one thing we want and need: love.

All the rest creates suffering and gets in the way of giving and receiving love.

– Sylvie Grégoire