La Trame®

Do you suffer from:

  • aches and pains?
  • headaches?
  • health problems?
  • insomnia?
  • low energy?
  • interpersonal relationship problems?
  • anxiety attacks?
  • low self-image?
  • stress?
  • exhaustion?
  • depression?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions (non comprehensive list), La Trame® can help you!

What is La Trame®?

La Trame® is a vibrational technique that brings harmony and balance to the mind and body and frees the body of emotional blockages, old memories and trauma so healing can take place on the physical, psychological, emotional and relational levels.

This technique works at the cellular level to clear, align and harmonize the body’s framework. It enables the flow of information to the trillions of cells that each has a specific role, thus restoring the health of the body. The free flow of information in the body is key to our balance and health. Any interference in this flow causes disorders, imbalances, ill-health. We regain health when the information flows freely in our body.

Physical Benefits

  • Increase in energy
  • Reduction in pain
  • Decrease in tensions

Psychological Benefits

  • Release of the overflow of emotions stored in the body
  • Reduction of stress
  • Ability to step back in any situation
  • Easing of depression and anxiety
  • Increase in ability to handle crisis situations

Other Benefits

  • Greater joy and ease in our family and professional life, and general improvement of our environment
  • Well-being

Running of a session

A session lasts about 45 minutes.

The person receiving La Trame® is dressed and lying down comfortably on a massage table.

The practitioner lays their hand on the trunk, feet and head of the person and, with this sequence of gestures, activates the body’s vibration wave. Stored emotions are then released without the person having to relive any trauma.

In most cases, the person is in a state of deep relaxation after the session.

Ideally, there should be a 3 to 4-weeks interval between sessions so that the action of Trame® can continue its work.

I’d like to book a session! ($80 CAD)