Success Stories

What people say about working with me :




I only had 2 La Trame sessions and I simply adored the experience! I felt so good right after each session, and from the very first session I saw improvements in my muscular and joint pains!  I feel so much lighter and since then and I have considerably less tension in my body.

Thank you Sylvie, you are such a warm and gentle person.

Maelle (Québec, Canada)


I use the Trame® treatments every month. When I approached Sylvie about her treatment, she told me that when we repress our emotions, the information is stored at the cellular level. The treatment can “erase” this information, which is contained in each of our cells. I found that very fascinating. So I didn’t hesitate to make an appointment with her. I really wanted to work on myself and clean up all the layers of emotions I had accumulated since my early childhood.

The treatment lasted an hour and it was an incredible experience. Sylvie lays her hands on different areas of the body. Her touch is very light. It didn’t take long for me to feel the sensations in my body, like an intense heat. I could feel the freeing of the flow of energy in my legs, like a current of water running freely. During the treatment, I could feel constant pressure in different areas, even though Sylvie’s hands had moved to another area of the body. It was as if she had 4 hands! This experience was so intense that it is just WOW! I had no more words to describe this meticulous work that Sylvie had just performed on me. I was so zen and I felt so heavy that it took me a good 10 minutes to come out of this deep feeling of inner peace. I would have gladly taken a nap.

The effects of the treatment last several days. I can tell you that my energy level has increased and that I laugh and smile more often. People tell me they noticed a change in me. I feel more in control of myself and I feel good about myself. Who could ask for anything more!

I fully recommend Sylvie Grégoire’s highly professional services. Try it and you’ll love it!

Happy treatment to all!

Hélène (Ontario, Canada)


Greetings to you all who wish to give your best,

I was at a point in my life where taking care of myself was the most important thing. I always want to give the best of myself, but now old wounds and suppressed emotions were preventing me from Being. When someone told me about the approach called La Trame, it really spoke to me.

So I went for my alcoholic behaviour, my uncontrollable sugar cravings, my pains and discomforts that came and went regularly and came back with a vengeance at different periods of my life and throughout the year. I couldn’t care less about where all that came from. I wanted to move on, to open to Love and Healing.

When I started receiving the treatments, spread out over a few months, I had a lot of dreams and all kinds of revelations. I noticed that respectful, specific and clear decisions, gestures and words (to myself and others… I think!) were easy and simple. I cleaned out a lot of stuff: a difficult, strained and conflictual relationship… (starting with a skewed vision of reality), material, food, and especially harmful conducts, were released gradually and instinctively.

Then came Christmas and New Year’s, along with overindulgences and other abuses. And in February 2019, a clear and firm decision was made: I changed my diet and stopped drinking alcohol completely. WOWWWW, everything was easy, light and simple. It’s now mid-March and I’m sticking to this diet and not drinking alcohol. My pains have considerably deceased and some have even disappeared. And of course life has presented me with a lot of challenges… and I was able to say NO with ease to certain suggestions, foods and behaviours.

Everything seems so much more wonderful, easy and simple. I rediscovered my zest for life and my optimum health… one step at a time and with greater inner Peace.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sylvie and to this beautiful approach.

Monique (Québec, Canada)


I’ve known Sylvie for a few years and I’ve always loved talking with her. She is gentle, calm and very thoughtful. I decided to go for her new La Trame treatments. Not knowing what to expect, I went with an open mind! I was going through an extremely busy and difficult time in my life, and the treatments helped me regain focus, center myself again, and calmed me down, all very gently. Throughout the treatments, I found relief for several of my physical pains, menopausal hot flashes, joint and stomach pains.

So a big Thank You to you, Sylvie!

Lynn (Québec, Canada)


Sylvie’s La Trame® healing sessions are gentle and supportive. Her peaceful, kind energy facilitates the process. After each session, I felt lighter and clearer, and I believe the sessions have enhanced my ability to heal some long-term health-problems.

Chara, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania, United States)




Sylvie came into my life in a blessed way at a time of intense transition.  I wasn’t certain that I needed a coach, but as I relaxed each week into telling her of my current status with regard to job changes and health challenges, and as I benefited greatly from the strategies she taught, I quickly realized that indeed I did need a coach and Sylvie was the ideal coach for me at this time.  I am a very spiritual person, well-read in many spiritual teachers’ works, and very aware of the features of a balanced, healthy life.  However, I was struggling with implementation of my beliefs, or with how to enact them in times of challenge or turmoil.  Sylvie has expert ability to guide a client through not only meditations that lead to crucial insights, but very practical techniques that create clarity, relieve stress, call one into ‘higher self’ thought and behavior, and in many ways make the spiritual real in one’s life.  Sylvie is personally gentle, a compassionate listener, and a bright voice of optimism.  Each of my sessions was rich and worthwhile, and I recommend Sylvie’s coaching with no reservations and much enthusiasm!

Chara, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania, United States)


Sylvie is such a wonderful and powerful coach!  So insightful and wise, yet she brings an air of lightness and joy to each call.  She is a generous and caring soul, who clearly loves helping others find their true voice and calling, and inspires them to live their lives authentically.

Elizabeth (Indiana, United States)


Out of the blue, Sylvie was referred to me by one of my best friends. I had a dream but wasn’t sure how to get there and how to deal with my fears and perceived obstacles. Along came Sylvie with her kind, soft and easy going approach to help me believe in myself, listen to myself and move forward with my dream. With her attentive and open approach, Sylvie offered me useful and easy to use exercises that not only brought back my confidence, but calmed my soul to have a clear view of what I want and what I need. I am grateful to Sylvie for her generosity and guidance in helping me find myself and clarifying my dream.

Chantal (Ontario, Canada)




I recently gifted myself a personalized painting that Sylvie created for me from my own energy or personality. After going through a chaotic and dark period, void of all hue, I was curious to see if my energy and colors would come back into my life. I was both intrigued and excited by the result. To my amazement, the painting had vibrant and vivid colors that immediately spoke to me, so much so that my creative spark came back and I started exploring different artistic forms! I was thrilled to see that colors hadn’t left me forever and that I was reclaiming my modest place in this colorful and vibrant universe!

Jinny (Québec, Canada)



I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful painting you did for me.  I have noticed many internal changes since receiving it. Mainly, that the Divine is within me, and my point of reference is in my own heart.

I also refer to the incredible writing that you did to accompany the painting, especially when I am looking for my own inspiration.

Thank you so much for such incredible work!

Laura (Ohio, United States)


Sylvie’s work is absolutely magical. The channeled painting spoke right to my heart, as did her message. I really felt that she saw right into my soul. Now, months later, I am still seeing new and different things in the painting. I have returned to the channeled message every so often and continue to feel blessed by it as well.

Heidi (Waterloo, Canada)