Live Your Dream Program

It’s easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed or scared in today’s fast-paced world.


But if you’re ready to bring more joy, purpose and meaning into your life and to unleash your creativity, your potential and your dream, this program is tailor-made for you!



You’ll learn:

How to identify and quiet that annoying critical voice AND what to do when negative thoughts and self-doubt show up.


How to listen to your inner wisdom so you can use it in every area of your life.


How to differentiate between 2 types of fear – the one that’s stopping you from moving forward and the one that shows you’re expanding and growing – and how to quiet and manage the fear that’s stopping you.


How to get past the programming that stands in the way of your success and how to detach from other people’s approval/disapproval so you can be true to yourself and live a more authentic life.


What strategies you unconsciously use to put your dreams on hold and how to approach things differently.


How to get clear on what your dream is, step over common hurdles, and live your dream NOW without dipping into your savings.


Strategies to make the process easy by setting goals that are working for you, not against you.


How to embrace transformation from the inside out using tools to focus on what you want and follow your bliss.


How to express your creativity, feel empowered and gain a greater sense of freedom.



What’s included:


  • 7 training sessions recorded in MP3 format so you can listen, review or reference anytime


  • Q&A Sessions spread over the course of the 7-week program so you can ask me your questions directly


  • Handouts for each session with practical exercises to help you along your transformational journey


Five Bonuses:


  • Negativity buster (fun, simple and powerful exercise to attract more of what you want)


  • Ten-second stress buster (breathing exercise that produces the same good feeling hormones as 30-60 minutes of vigorous exercise or meditation)


  • Tapping into your wisdom (15-minute meditation for getting wise insights)


  • Take 2 (2-minute relaxation exercise)


  • One-on-one laser coaching call with me


Are you ready to infuse your life with joy, purpose and meaning, and be all you truly are?

To create a life you love and make the difference you were born to make?

To explore your creative potential and your dream?


Yes! I’m enrolling! (now at only $97 CAD)