Giving a negative meaning to something is creating suffering for yourself

When you give to something a meaning of “not good a thing”, you create SUFFERING FOR YOURSELF.


  • Practice letting go of the meaning and simply BE with the experience. The more you do it, the more peace and harmony will fill your heart.
  • Allow every situation to be a learning experience; let yourself receive what it has to teach you.

Maybe it’s teaching you patience, kindness or compassion for yourself and others, or acceptance. Or how to love yourself more, how to care for yourself when you feel exhausted, sad, lonely or stressed. It may be teaching you to say no to others when you have a tendency to neglect your own needs. Or simply how to be present, here and now. To fully enjoy the present moment.

Whatever the lesson is, allow yourself to receive it. Each lesson is a gift.

As you learn, you grow and life becomes easier, more joyful.

So look for the gift each moment brings instead of focusing on tomorrow. The future will unfold naturally.

The way forward will be shown to you one step at a time. That’s all you need to take: one step.

Sylvie Grégoire