A unique piece of healing art just for you!

Get a personalized painting for your optimum health and well-being

  • Raise your vibration for optimum health & well-being
  • DNA Activation
  • More clarity, ease and radiance
  • Go beyond your thought forms, consciousness and perceptional beliefs
  • Heal old “phantoms”, sometimes from past lives as well

All this simply by GAZING at your painting!

Plus, receive a special message from your higher consciousnous intended just for you.

Give yourself a unique piece of healing art – you’re worth it 🙂

You can also GIFT a personalized painting TO A LOVED ONE!


A personalized painting is a wonderful tool for improving your health and well-being as well as releasing limiting or negative thoughts and beliefs to have more joy, freedom, love, abundance, fulfillment, empowerment, vitality, passion, connection, harmonious relationships, healthy emotions, inner peace, health and well-being.

When I do a personalized painting, my Higher Self (my higher consciousness) connects with your higher consciousness and puts specific codes of consciousness in the painting for you. The brush strokes, choice of colours, composition, and design are all led by my Higher Self.

So when you sit with the painting, look at and through it, really feel it out and connect with it, it raises your vibration to enable optimum health and well-being; activates your DNA; gives you more clarity and ease; and helps you go beyond your thought forms, consciousness and perceptual beliefs. It can also heal old “phantoms”, sometimes from past lives as well.

I also receive a special message from your higher consciousness intended specifically for you.

I’d like to order a personalized painting (16X20 oil painting on canvas) and receive a message from my higher consciousness!

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Here’s what some of my clients had to say about their personalized painting:

Sylvie’s work is absolutely magical. The channeled painting spoke right to my heart, as did her message. I really felt that she saw right into my soul. Now, months later, I am still seeing new and different things in the painting. I have returned to the channeled message every so often and continue to feel blessed by it as well.

Heidi, Waterloo, Canada


I recently gifted myself a personalized painting that Sylvie created for me from my own energy or personality. After going through a chaotic and dark period, void of all hue, I was curious to see if my energy and colors would come back into my life. I was both intrigued and excited by the result. To my amazement, the painting had vibrant and vivid colors that immediately spoke to me, so much so that my creative spark came back and I started exploring different artistic forms! I was thrilled to see that colors hadn’t left me forever and that I was reclaiming my modest place in this colorful and vibrant universe!

Jinny (Québec, Canada)



I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful painting you did for me.  I have noticed many internal changes since receiving it. Mainly, that the Divine is within me, and my point of reference is in my own heart.

I also refer to the incredible writing that you did to accompany the painting, especially when I am looking for my own inspiration.

Thank you so much for such incredible work!

Laura (Ohio, United States)