A unique piece of healing art just for you!

Get a personalized painting for your optimum health and well-being

  • Raise your vibration for optimum health & well-being
  • DNA Activation
  • More clarity, ease and radiance
  • Go beyond your thought forms, consciousness and perceptional beliefs
  • Heal old “phantoms”, sometimes from past lives as well

All this simply by LOOKING AT IT!

Plus, receive a special message intended just for you.

Give yourself a unique piece of healing art – you’re worth it 🙂

You can also GIFT a personalized painting TO A LOVED ONE!


Here’s what Heidi had to say about her personalized painting:

Sylvie’s work is absolutely magical. The channeled painting spoke right to my heart, as did her message. I really felt that she saw right into my soul. Now, months later, I am still seeing new and different things in the painting. I have returned to the channeled message every so often and continue to feel blessed by it as well.

Heidi, Waterloo, Canada


I’d like to order a personalized painting! (16X20 oil painting on canvas)