A unique piece of healing art just for you!

How would you like a personalized painting based on your energy?

How does it work?

All I need to get started is your name and date of birth. I channel your energy and ask, “What does this person need in their life right now?” Then, my brush strokes and colors are intuitively guided by your energy. When the painting is finished, I write down the message I received while creating your one-of-a-kind artwork.

What do you get?

A personalized 16” X 20” oil painting on canvas as well as the message I channelled while connected to your energy – a special message intended just for YOU.

Your artwork will bring you much joy and you’ll benefit from its healing properties just by looking at it!

Give yourself a unique piece of healing art – you’re worth it!

You can also gift a personalized painting to a loved one!


How did I start creating pieces of art based on someone’s energy?

Ever inspired by colors, I started to paint intuitively a few years ago as a recreational practice and found it very therapeutic. I played with colors and let my intuition guide me. The final result always surprised me. What came out of these creations fascinated me and I started to share them with friends and family. I absolutely loved hearing about what they saw in my paintings, and how each painting impacted and inspired them. After a while, a couple of friends suggested I start making intuitive paintings based on a person’s energy. I loved the idea of offering people healing pieces of art made specifically for them. So that’s how Healing Art began.


Here’s what Heidi had to say about her personalized painting:

Sylvie’s work is absolutely magical. The channeled painting spoke right to my heart, as did her message. I really felt that she saw right into my soul. Now, months later, I am still seeing new and different things in the painting. I have returned to the channeled message every so often and continue to feel blessed by it as well.

Heidi, Waterloo, Canada


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