About me

Hi, I’m Sylvie!

I’m passionate about human potential, creativity, health, nature, dance, and painting – to name a few.

Curious about my artwork? Click here to take a look.

One of the things I get often asked is “How did you get started in this?”

Ever since I was a child, I’ve wondered why some people were living fulfilling, joyful lives while others were simply surviving one week to the next.

Fulfillment seemed to have a definite impact on health. What I discovered is that those who were happy and fulfilled, are unlocking their full potential and are using their unique skills in their everyday life. They are generally enjoying better health than those who are simply surviving.

So, from life coaching to mind-body healing therapies, I discovered tools to help people reclaim their natural state of health and well-being and unleash their unique potential.


I’m here to help you tap into your innate health, well-being, and one-of-a-kind potential. To help you overcome whatever is standing in the way of a life you truly love and enjoy and where you can enrich other people’s lives as well as your own by unlocking your creative potential.

You’re here – on the planet – for a reason. When using your creative potential, you infuse your life with purpose and meaning. And when you do that, you create a life you love AND you make the difference you were born to make in the life of others.


Let’s do this together.

Get started!