About me

Hi, I’m Sylvie!

I’m passionate about human potential, creativity, health, nature, dance, and painting – to name a few. I also speak French, English and some Spanish.

One of the things I often get asked is “How did you get started in this?”

In my thirties, although my life was full – I had two beautiful children, a loving and generous spouse, a successful career in translation – I felt something was missing. I needed to find my purpose. So I went on an exploration journey – I started to meditate, paint, take yoga and Qi Gong classes, and read and listen to lots of inspiring material:  Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, and Tosha Silver, to name a few. That’s when I felt a strong pull to become a life coach, and a few years later, a La Trame practitioner (a mind-body healing modality).

I’m also an artist. I paint intuitively – my brush strokes and choice of colors are completely guided by my intuition. When I paint, I feel joyful, free, empowered, and totally connected to the Universe. Click here to take a look at my paintings.

Everything I’ve learned throughout these years has helped me overcome my own health challenges, depression and anxiety. What I discovered during this journey is that what calls us IS what we are here to do. All we have to do is listen to that call and let it guide us. When we do that, we are happy, fulfilled, generally in better health, and we unlock our full potential and use our unique skills in our everyday life.

I found my purpose – through life coaching and mind-body healing therapies, helping people reclaim their natural state of health and well-being and unleash their full potential.


I’m here to help you tap into your innate health, well-being, and one-of-a-kind potential. I can help you overcome whatever is standing in the way of a life you truly love and enjoy. You can enrich other people’s lives as well as your own by unlocking your creative potential.

You’re here – on the planet – for a reason. When using your creative potential, you infuse your life with purpose and meaning. And when you do that, you create a life you love AND you make the difference you were born to make in the lives of others.


Let’s do this together.

Get started!